Saturday, March 21, 2020

23 to nothing

23 to Nothing

            In baseball, if you get beat 23 to nothing, you will call it a bad day.  If you get shutout, white-washed, shellacked or skunked, you feel like it’s worse than a close game.

            Last week we had a record 23 plant orders to fill the unending demand for houseplants at upscale garden centers.  This week --- none.

            The dangerous Coronavirus has stopped sales/trade/commerce/business.  Retail stores have been ordered closed.  No buyers, no sellers and no supply line --- all halted to a dead stop.  Now you know why every player in the economy depends on every other player.

            This must be done to try to slow the exposure to the sometimes-deadly Coronavirus.

            We will get through this, hopefully with minimal health damage.

            But you don’t easily get over a sport’s beating nor a suffocating worldwide health crisis. 

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