Sunday, November 1, 2020

The Anniversary Issue

Sinningia 'Li'l Georgie' - The life time project


The Anniversary Issue


            I missed the April anniversary story.  The plan never worked.  I was going to write it early, then on time, then a little later.


            So here it is.


            Started in April 2012, I have eight years done and moving into the ninth year.  Check other blogs, most can’t do that.  So, I have longevity.


            For me, it is incredibly difficult to find a topic, write with focus, type, and publish.


            My blog is about plants, but I can’t help but lean into philosophy.  I reject hundreds of ‘points of view’ in my head because --- who cares what I think.


            I have plant people ask for more information about ‘plant culture’.  I find that very boring and difficult because everyone’s environment is different.  Maybe someday.


            Anniversaries are for reflecting --- Past and future.


            I’ve had phases of Streptocarpus, Sinningias, and Primulina.  Then Strings of Things.  We constantly chase the hot new plant --- It’s where the money is.


            The future is the most interesting.  Sinningias need to come back.  Garden Centers are begging for them.  String of Hearts ‘Pretty Pink’ will be a gold mine if supply can be created.


            Who knows what new ‘hot’ plant will pop up?  By definition, there will be a shortage.


            Peperomias are hiding in the weeds.  There are hundreds of species and they ‘live’ as houseplants --- always a good value.  And we’ve barely touched Begonias --- one of the old original houseplants.


            Some of my blog stories strike me as very good.  Some --- who cares?  But you don’t know which is which, before you write.


            Seth Godin, genius blogger, knows --- Good ideas come from bad ideas.


            Happy Anniversary!


  1. I may be in the minority, but I check your blog for new posts quite often. I'm always interested in what you have to say. I used to grow a lot of Streptocarpus, and remember ordering your 'Essue' and friends when you first introduced them. After moving across town I found I could no longer grow Streps very well in my home and after a few years I discovered Primulinas. I love them and have several in my dining room window. Where I used to have a basement full of lights and plants now I'm confined to just a few choice windows.

  2. Thank you for having an interest in my blog. I don't know if anyone still has an 'Essue'. I don't have one. It is a nice tricolor. Since then there are spectacular flowers on newer Steptocarpus.

    Primulina are more durable, and there are more unique varieties being added all the time.