Sunday, March 21, 2021

When is enough, too many?

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When is enough, too many?


            A rare set of events has been happening in the commercial houseplant business.  There are too many buyers and not enough sellers.  This almost never happens.


            Look at other industries.  When the oil price goes up, the wells pump more crude oil.  When the price of gas goes down, the wells stop drilling and wait for the next price change.


            Greenhouse production space can relatively easily convert from Spring plants or flowering plants to houseplants.  However, the demand for all plants is so strong, there is little need for changing crops.


            The demand side for houseplants is running its own exponential run-away demand curve--- straight up.  Homeowners have discovered the decorative value of greenery with houseplants.


            The supply is stretched from both ends.


            Our delightful record sales are near the breaking point.


            I’ve decided to not accept any new customers.  We will start a waiting list of interested buyers until our situation changes.


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