Monday, August 2, 2021

There is no end in sight !

  Don't Stop

There is no end in sight !  The demand for houseplants is on an upward path.  Every time we think that every plant lover is satisfied, we get giant orders from our Independent Garden Center customers.  I get requests from new plant shop operators about every day.


On March 21, we stopped taking new customers because our weekly supply quickly sold out.  Now, we have more variety and more plants, so we are opening up sales to new customers.


With our added small hanging baskets with new different varieties, we have a longer live inventory list.  Additionally, our supply line has caught up a little bit and incoming starter plants are actually showing up.


We are inviting in our waiting list and hope to be able to absorb the new demand.


Producing interesting plants is fun and seeing a new generation of indoor gardeners appreciate them is rewarding.

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