Sunday, November 17, 2019

'Silver Glory' String of Hearts

'Silver Glory' - credit web image
‘Silver Glory’

            Who knew?

            I had a reader ask how many kinds of String of Hearts there are?  At the time, I thought it was one and only, Ceropegia woodii, String of Hearts.

            Then a sister plant showed up ---- Ceropegia linearis woodii ---- now called ‘Heartless’ String of Daggers.  The demand for this is endless.

            Luckily, the internet allows new ideas and pictures to flow around the world instantly.  I looked at the right time and found ‘Silver Glory’ String of Hearts.  The heart shaped leaves are solid silver on the outside giving a distinctive look ---- different from the traditional green and silver.

            Assuming that ‘Silver Glory’ will be stable in propagation, this will be a winner.

Monday, November 11, 2019

String of Daggers - The newest Strings of Things

'Heartless'  - top

String of Daggers

            Common plant names add to the hobby world of plants.

            We found Ceropegia linearis woodii and knew that it looked ‘Heartless’

            Continuing logically, my customer, Kaity, sees the sharply pointed leaves as looking like small knives.  She proposes the name – ‘String of Daggers’.

            I’m with Kaity.  Our ‘Heartless’ String of Hearts’ should be called ‘String of Daggers.

Non-disclaimer:  You first learned about the ‘Heartless’ saga of ‘String of Daggers’ here at Gary’s Specialty Plants, today.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Billionaires are not harming me., O. T.

Is this a great country or what?

Billionaires are not harming me.

            I don’t watch any TV news, but I read a lot of internet headline news.

            It seems that politicians and some social manipulators believe that billionaires have an unfair advantage over everyone.  If Jeff’s or Bill’s or Warren’s stock goes up or down, it doesn’t affect me in any way.  They did not take anything from me to make their fortune.

            It is not a zero-sum game.  Billionaires can make or lose their own money same as you or me.  If you and I don’t have excess money, it’s our own fault, not theirs.

            If government taxes would take half or all of billionaires’ money, it would not benefit me in any way. So why are politicians trying to convince everyone it’s a good idea?

            Financial inequality drives the U. S. economy.  If you need more money, try to figure out how to get it.  Create a product or service that people with the money will pay for.

            Billionaires are not preventing anyone from succeeding.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Serendipity --- It's everywhere

Serendipity is my new word.

            This July at the Gesneriad Convention in Cincinnati, I was wondering if I understood the word Serendipity and if I was using it correctly.  I had asked various people if they had a good definition.

            By a serendipitous meeting with Bob Clark, from Seattle, I asked if he had a definition for serendipity.

            Without hesitation he said, ‘happy accident’.  What a great response.  Happy accident is perfect.

            I’ve had many serendipitous events happen recently.

            If you pay attention, you will have serendipity more often then you believe is possible.  You may find a new plant that you like.

            Pay attention.

Friday, October 18, 2019

It's all still true...

It ain't bragging if ...

'Mini' Plants with Custom  Blue Tags

For years, my tag line was:

            “Nobody does what I do with plants.  They could, but they don’t!”

It always seemed like bragging, but six years of developing the ‘Mini’ plants program has proven it true.

"It ain’t bragging, if you can do it."

My ‘Mini’ plants for Miniature Gardens and your Windowsill have substance---they are full pots of unique varieties that indoor gardeners want.  Serious collectors recognize my custom blue tags when seen at one of my 30 retail outlets.

A Specialist beats a Generalist every time.

      Gary K. Hunter, Grower
   Gary’s Specialty Plants

‘Mini’ Plants for Miniature Gardens and your Windowsill !

          1610 Fern Glen Drive         
            Drumore PA 17518
   (717) 951-4507 – Cell (Voice Mail)


     Two years ago, this was important enough to write about.  Now with plant sales doubling every year, the relevant news is I have 65 customers.  I get two or three new customer requests every week.  

      The houseplant boom continues.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

What if there is no heart?

String of Hearts

What if there is no heart?

            String of Hearts (Ceropegia woodii) is a perfectly named plant.  Since it’s one of the many Strings of Things, it is in high demand.

            In our search for more stock plants to propagate from, we discovered a different clone called Ceropegia linearis woodii.  In researching it, I found that the leaves are not shaped like a Valentine heart, but more like a teardrop.  Otherwise, the same green and silver leaf on a string.

            Now, what to do?  How can we sell this as String of Hearts?

            So, you know about lemons and lemonade?

            I want to call it ‘Heartless’ String of Hearts.  Everyone that I’ve told, laughs and agrees that’s it.

            ‘Heartless’ String of Hearts.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Sinningia 'Li'l Georgie' Returns

Sinningia 'Li'l Georgie' -- The Best Miniature Flowering Houseplant

Sinningia ‘Li’l Georgie’ returns.

            Sinningia ‘Li’l Georgie’ is the most amazing miniature flowering houseplant.  Much has been written about it here, here, and here.

            I will not break my rule of saying what is going to happen before it happens.  Delays and failures are always lurking.

            I will only say that ‘Li’l Georgie’ may return for sale within the year.