Friday, May 16, 2014

The Missed Anniversary

The missed anniversary
Story # 129,

              Luckily, no one complained that I missed my 2nd Anniversary.  There is always the excuse that I was too busy or I forgot and I knew that you would understand.

              So here it is, my two year, one month and one week Anniversary for my blog about specialty plants.

              You get no points for longevity.  Businesses often use longevity in their advertising—“Best greenhouse in town since 1973”.  But does it matter?

              Owners of small businesses know how incredibly hard it has been to survive in business for 41 years.  Customers don’t have a clue and don’t care.  The point should be:  “What is the value of your product today and how will it solve my problem?”

              Personal anniversaries are for celebration.  Business anniversaries are for reflection--- Are we going to do this one more year?

              The blog has been valuable to me.  It forces you to write an idea down so someone else may see your point.  There have been over 24,000 pageviews in the two years as Google search finds my words and pictures.

              I thank Google for providing the blog site at no charge ---- How can they do that?

              I thank everyone who may be reading.