Saturday, August 31, 2019

So, You Want to Start Your Own Business... , O. T.

There is no limit!

And so ---- you want to start a small business!

            Thousands of job-haters would like to start their own business but stay small.

            I’ve discovered a book --- The Million-Dollar, One Person Business:  Make Great Money.  Work the Way You like.  Have the Life You Want.  by Elaine Pofeldt.  I’ve listened to her read it to me from Audible.  She has done brilliant work in studying this expanding model of Entrepreneurial activity.

            With her case stories and from her being self-employed herself, you will get a sense of what it is like to start and succeed with no employees and little fixed costs.

            If you don’t find it interesting nor learn from it, you should not start a business.

            The million-dollar business is not the goal. (Unless you want it to be).  The goal is to be independent.