Sunday, January 3, 2016

Do you have any Mini Violets?

Primulina minor from GCCC

Here we are at our mythical Asian Violet show and Plant Sale.  The public wants Mini Violets because they take less space and are cute.

            But wait. Do you mean Mini African Violets or Mini Asian Violets?

            If you mean Mini African Violets, then sure we have a wide range of excellent free flowering small plants. But if you are asking about Mini Asian Violets, that’s another story.

            There are no true Asian miniature hybrids yet.  We have small plants of small varieties like ‘Piccolo’, ‘Rachel’ and ‘Loki’.  But their flowering is subdued.  No present day Primulina will ever be confused with a Mini African Violet in full flower.

            The future is hopeful.  There is a miniature species, P. minor, with green leaves and a tiny white flower.  If hybrid development can progress with it, Mini Asian Violets will be interesting.

            There’s nothing more stressful than unlimited potential.  As far I know the tiny species, P. minor, has not been distributed beyond China and no hybrids have been made with it.

            Superior Mini African Violets took 50 years of work.  Showy Mini Asian Violets haven’t even started yet.

Grown by Bobbie LaFashia - DAVS