Saturday, September 15, 2012

10% unemployment means....

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 10% unemployment means…..

      That 90% are working.

      I worry about the unemployment and under-employed.  Times are tough for many people.

      But some days, I’m worrying about the wrong group.  Try to drive when it’s rush hour, try to find a causal restaurant where you don’t have to wait, try to get into an Apple store without tripping over people, try to find a parking space at our biggest mall, Park City.

      There are parts of our economy that are booming.  So why isn’t the boom absorbing the 10% who don’t have a job or the one that they want.

      Smart people can’t figure out what to do about this.

      Since an individual can’t affect any market, just be very good at what interests you and buy a plant occasionally.  It keeps the economy turning.

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