Monday, September 3, 2012

Let's drain the Ocean!, Part IV

Story # 54, Part IV, O.T.

      What did I expect to happen?

      First, almost nothing.

      The idea of draining the Ocean is a more direct solution to the problem of rising sea level, which is going to devastate millions of people around the world.

      Trying to reduce CO2 emissions by curtailing the engines of industrialized nations may be impossible.  Keep trying that, but the problem is the water.

      Dooms-day predictors warn that there will not be enough food for the world’s rising population.  That prediction is just silly.  Economics will ensure that there will always be food-------when the price goes ups, there will be more food produced.

     However, the limiting factor ----- water ----- will have to be dealt with.  We can continue to redistribute the fresh water or gain new water supplies from de-salting the ocean.

      When the cost of water for irrigation of farm crops becomes just another line item in the cost of production along with seed, fertilizer, fungicides and harvesting costs, then pumping from the Ocean will be feasible.

      The only hope to prevent the tide from rising over valuable shore line is if localized pumping is effective.

     I have no idea if this will work.

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