Thursday, September 13, 2012

Second place is not bad

Sinningia 'Prudence Risley'
Story # 55,

 Second place is not bad!

      Sometimes it’s not obvious what’s selling until you add up the numbers.

      What is my top selling single plant?

      It’s always surprising to me that Geranium ‘Vancouver Centennial’ leads the list.  People buy this unique leaf pattern all year around.
        So what’s next?

      Sinningia ‘Prudence Risley’ was first available for sale for the Christmas season last year and has continually sold.  We never know why plants are bought.

      This hybrid has never been produced before so it can’t be repeat sales.  Is it because it is NEW or because it has RED flowers?

           Sinningia ‘Prudence Risley’ ---------   Second place finish!

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