Sunday, November 15, 2015

Maybe this is all it will take...

Primulina 'Loki' with unexpected flowering at West window

Maybe this is all it will take…

            If you buy into my projection that Asian Violets will be a common houseplant someday, then you have to believe that what we have is good enough.

            A few indoor gardeners are trying Primulina when they learn that they are easy houseplants. The small, young plants with decorative foliage survive easily with routine care of light and water.

            When told that Primulina will flower when old enough, there is something to hope for, but not expected any time soon.

            But when buds form and the first flower opens there will be satisfaction that you accomplished something and it was worth waiting for.  Flowering on your Asian Violet is something you will tell your friends about.  Marketing, at its best!

            Word-of-mouth of flowering success may be all it will take to spread the Primulina wave --- like an African Violet, but better!

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