Thursday, November 23, 2017

Remember when... , O. T.

Joe's Pizza & Pasta Maplewood NJ

Remember when you could get Pizza by the slice?

            The lunch special at Joe’s Pizza & Pasta in Maplewood NJ has two slices and a drink for five bucks.

            When traveling on deliveries, I’m trying to be more adventurous by trying local, non-chain eating places.  With a national chain you know what you’re going to get --- assuming you like something on the consistent menu.

            With local diners you are not sure, it’s the fear of the unknown.  This is foolish to worry because independent restaurants do not exist unless they are good.  ---- Small Town U S A.

            The lunch crowd was lining up at Joe’s.  I got 2 slices with Pepperoni.  Remember the kind with the Pepperoni grease running down your hand --- delicious!

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