Sunday, November 19, 2017

Who is the Asian Violet Leader?

Asian Violet - Primulina 'Diane Marie'
            If you do a Google search for ‘Asian Violets’, you will find my Blog stories at the top of the list.

            Isn’t that wonderful!  I’m the leader of the ‘Asian Violet’ movement, bringing Primulina into the light to make the World a better place.

            As with most ‘Fifteen minutes of fame’, there is more to consider.

            If I’m the leader, where are the followers and why aren’t there hundreds of references to Asian Violets?

            If you follow Steve Blank’s framework of how to segment a market, he would call Asian Violets a New Market.

            The great thing about a New Market is that there is NO competition.  The bad part is that there may be NO customers?

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