Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Fairy Garden is .....

Miniature Garden
Story # 48,

           ‘A Fairy Garden is a garden that a dollhouse would have.’

                            Jeff Sorensen, Fairy Gardens, Inc.

     This makes sense to me.  The garden would be proportional to the miniature scale of the dollhouse.

      This is the kind of stuff that Grandmothers do with their Granddaughters.  Grandmothers always wished that they had found the time to play when their kids were little.

       ‘A Miniature Garden is one where the fairies have not arrived.’

                         G. Hunter, Gary’s Specialty Plants

        The Miniature Gardens that I’ve seen have accessories like furniture, houses, arbors, pathways, animals, fireplaces, windmills…..

      They are a scene.  They are a landscape with small plants.

      There aren’t any rules.  You’ll know a good one when you see it.  Grandma Moses painted scenes that were out of proportion and she got by.

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