Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sinningia 'Deep Purple Dreaming' gets wider distribution.

Sinningia 'Deep Purple Dreaming'
 Story # 51,

      Sinningia ‘Deep Purple Dreaming’ gets wider distribution.

     Sinningia ‘Deep Purple Dreaming’ has been around for awhile.  Dave Zaitlin made this cross of S. concinna and S. sellovii which first flowered in 2002.  Who would have thought to try this?  S. sellovii is an upright tall species with dangling reddish flowers while s. concinna is a micro miniature.

      The result has many dangling purple flowers on an upright compact plant.

      Like many interesting small Sinningias it has been doomed to obscurity without a means to rapidly propagate it.  Tissue culture has solved that, so it can be more commonly available.

      The first finished crop has been at Longwood Gardens’ plant shop.

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