Thursday, August 30, 2012

I've trained my whole life for this!

Story # 54,  OT

      Nobody in the world knows what I know or what I see.

      In the same manner, I don’t know the same set of information that any other human has.  Since no two people have experienced the same set of events, it’s hard to know what other people are thinking unless they tell you.  In a way they are secrets.

      I’ve given away many secrets with this blog.  Should I worry that someone is going to steal my plan for plants?

      First, few are paying any attention.  Second, ideas are easy, action is hard.

      I have written some ideas that I have about a world problem.  These ideas have been baking for several years and now is the time for the internet world to see.

      This off-topic story will be out in a few days.

           The title------------ Let’s drain the Ocean!

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