Sunday, August 12, 2012

Miniature Gardens as an Olympic event!

Miniature Garden with Faries
Story # 46,

      By watching the Olympic Games we learn about sport events that we didn’t even know existed.  If you can swim free style and sprint for two hours in the river you can try for the swimming marathon.  If you can twirl a 19 foot ribbon you can train in rhythmic gymnastics.

      Miniature Gardens as an Olympic event!

      First we will need a lot of rules.  How else will we subjectively know the good from the bad?  Judged flower shows already have categories for mixed plantings ------ Dish Gardens, Terrariums, Plant collections and Miniature Gardens.  Why not elevate it to the Olympic level?

      Luckily you can plant a Miniature Garden any way you want and be happy without any artificial Olympic rules.

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