Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What is the perfect Streptocarpus?

Streptocarpus 'Cape Essence' - - Scented
Story # 16,

            Are we talking about the group that exists or the fantasy of what could be?

            Fortunately there are many colors, sizes and shapes to pick from.  What’s your favorite color?  There are velvety dark purples, pinks, reds and whites.  They used to say that blue was a hard color to find in plants.  I’m not sure why?  There are many very good blue Streptocarpus flowers.

            I like very strong, bright colors and distinctive markings.  In between shades are Ok but muddy colors are not.

            Some people love double flowers but I don’t.  A semi-double Streptocarpus flower looks like it never really gets open.

            Scented flowers may evolve.  Everybody instinctively wants to sniff a flower and is usually disappointed.  The strongest scented one that I have, ‘Cape Essence’, has a floral smell, but will never be confused with an Easter lily or Hyacinth.

            The perfect Streptocarpus is the one you like.  Or maybe the next one you find?

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