Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hang-on-tight Streptocarpus flowers

Streptocarpus 'Fernwood's Cherries Jubilee'

Story # 12 4, Part IV,        

Hang-on tight flowers.

        We know that some Streptocarpus flowers stay attached to its calyx better than others.  It appears to me to be a mechanical problem.  But it is genetic and can be selected for.

       A secondary problem is accidental self-pollination.  This happens when the positioning of anthers (pollen sac) are in direct line with the stigma (female receptor) as the style grows out through the corolla.  The stigma runs into the anthers, breaking them open and the pollen falls onto the stigma causing pollination.

   So what?

    When a successful pollination occurs, the physical response is that the corolla detaches --- flower drop.  This is just as serious a problem as weak flower attachment.

     Simple solution ----- only select varieties that have hang-on- tight flowers.  If you select a must have pretty flower with flower drop, cross it into tight flowers until you get the corolla to stay on.

     Hang-on-tight flowers ---- It’s mandatory!

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