Saturday, December 28, 2013

Is Streptocarpus flowering seasonal?

Streptocarpus 'Harlequin Blue'

Story # 124, Part IX,

            Is Streptocarpus flowering seasonal?

            With modern Streptocarpus hybrids we don’t worry about day length to induce flowering.  They are day neutral and will flower at any time of the year.

            Some Streptocarpus species may be seasonal but it’s hard to know if it’s day length.  It seems to be more temperature related --- like cool nights or drought related --- rainy season.

            My observed conclusion is that ultimate flowering is in months March and October.  They do the best when grown bright and cool.  So grown through the cool winter, they respond to the higher light intensity of March, April.  Grown across late summer, they respond to the cooler nights of October, November.

            There is no reason to have selections that don’t flower year around.

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