Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Streptocarpus everywhere!

Assorted Streptocarpus for sale
Story # 124, Part I,

            What is the one thing that would make Streptocarpus ubiquitous? 

            Streptocarpus is such a minor crop that they are seldom seen in garden centers.  What is the problem?  --- Supply or demand?  I have a few customers that could sell Streptocarpus if they had them.  Everybody else is afraid of them because Streptocarpus don’t hold up in a retail environment.

            Why don’t they hold up?  The leaves can break, the flowers can fall off, the leaves watermark with cold water, they wilt in hot weather and flowering is sporadic. 

            I’ve tried to figure it out and will discuss hybridizing goals in future stories.  But what is the limiting factor in Streptocarpus success?

            Streptocarpus are just not tough enough.

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