Saturday, December 7, 2013

Replicas that you care about.

Story # 122,

Replicas that you care about.

            Miniature Gardens are a segment of Garden Centers that are struggling to find their way.  Workshops are highly successful for the few people that want to find out about this hobby.  But Miniature Gardening is trying to define itself.
            Will it be the up and down flash-in-the- pan like terrariums or can it become established similar to model railroading which is an enduring lifetime hobby for many.

            I see a phase of Miniature Gardening that could elevate it to ‘Art’ status.  If the display could be a replica of something that you care about, you might seek it out and be willing to pay a premium for it.

            The first example would be your house and property.  A scale model of your place could be very intriguing.

            Scaled down models of public buildings have always been sold in souvenir stores, but what if you had a Miniature Garden with all of the landscape.

            Expensive molds have been made to produce the most recognizable landmarks in big quantities.  The breakthrough now is 3-D printing which allows 1-of a kind to be made.

      3-D printing technology is rapidly becoming practical and affordable for any custom design.  You can order a model of your house and get an exact replica made for you.

            Put that in your Miniature Garden and impress your friends.

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