Sunday, June 2, 2013

Peperomia prostrata - 'Mini' Plants for Miniature Gardens

Peperomia prostrata

Ninth in a series,

Common name:  Creeping Peperomia

Botanical name:  Peperomia prostrata

Height: 1”  Width:  4”  Form:  Trailing

  Why would you want it?

      Peperomia prostrate has interesting markings on fleshy green leaves.  It is rare but a durable plant.

What is its best feature?

      It is very slow growing so will not over take any nearby plants.

How would you grow it?

      As a houseplant, Peperomia prostrata can grow in very high light down to shade.  It can survive being dry without harm.

What would you do with it in a Miniature Garden?

      Category:  Ground cover

      Could be an interesting ground cover used near the edge of your container so it will trail out over the sides.

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