Monday, April 16, 2012

Half of the Strretocarpus are no good!

Streptocarpus 'Blue Halo'

Story # 2 Part II

            But we don’t know which half!

            The Ladyslipper brand of Streptocarpus has good varieties.  They were selected from existing named hybrids produced by Dibley’s Greenhouses in the U. K.

            They are capable of getting many hang-on-tight bright flowers.  With many durable smaller flowers, they are more likely to survive the commercial system of sleeving and shipping to retail stores.

            It’s hard to say which variety is the best.  ‘Blue Ice’ flowered the most when I first trialed them, but ‘White Ice’ is very similar.  You must have a red so ‘Pinot’ is showy.

            ‘Blue Halo’ has flowers slightly larger than the others and has a crisp form.  ‘Pink Halo’ apparently was meant to duplicate ‘Blue Halo’s style, but the flowers are smaller.

            All have been selling out quickly at the Longwood Garden Plant Shop.

            Since Ladyslipper is a nationally distributed Streptocarpus, you may find them at your local garden center.

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