Sunday, April 8, 2012

Streptocarpus is the next 'Big Thing'

Streptocarpus 'Keigetsu'

Story # 1

            The secret is out.  Streptocarpus, a word most people never heard of, is on the verge of being the next ‘Big Thing’.

            While I was not paying attention, there have been hundreds of very good Streptocarpus created by professional and hobbyist hybridizers around the world.

            Flower colors of any shade of blue, red, white, purple, yellow and pink are out there.  We see bicolors and ruffled petals.  There are flowers with contrasting netting and flower size from one inch to five inches across.  Scented flowers or variegated leaves, once an obscure novelty, are creeping into, otherwise, good hybrids.

            Streptocarpus may be in the same stage of development as African Violets were 60 years ago.  Violets are now produced by the millions and are the leading flowering houseplant in the world.  Streptocarpus can barely be found.  That is changing.

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