Sunday, April 29, 2012

So what's the story?

Sunflowers grown at Hunter's Greenhouse - 2004
Story # 11,

            “People will pay a premium for a story, every time.” ------------Seth Godin

            On the chat room, Gesneriphiles, writers, when talking about a particular plant, comment on when and where they got it, e.g., ‘I think I got it at the 2009 convention in Sliver Springs.’

            Does the source have anything to do with the plant?   I don’t think so but it makes for a better story.

            “I always get my annuals and hanging baskets from Henry’s Farm and Greenhouse every year.”  If our neighbors tell you this, it means that they want to support our local grower.  And it’s implied that if you were smart, you would get them there, too.

            Is a plant that you bought at Longwood Gardens better?  You would not think that anybody would care where you bought something.

            But it’s almost always part of the story.

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