Sunday, April 8, 2012

10+ Things that you should know about Streptocarpus & Sinningias and other Specialty Plants

Streptocarpus 'Essue'

            This blog is a commentary about Specialty Plants, like Streptocarpus and Sinningias.  It will stray into marketing thoughts and one sided discussions about life.

            My target reader will be, first of all, me.  I want to record things that I have opinions about from a lifetime of growing plants.

            Gary’s Specialty Plants is bringing many new Sinningias and Streptocarpus to market.  This blog is written, in part, to announce the pending release dates and availability locations of special plants.  These are selected from existing hybrids that have never been available in quantity before.

            I have a very small plant business supplying very unique customers who need plants that are new and different.  The motivation for writing is to promote plants that you might want to experience.  Plants are fun to look at and to have.

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