Friday, April 27, 2012

Will xSinvana 'Heartland's Maverick' get enough flowers to attract attention?

xSinvana 'Heartland's Maverick' grown by Gary's Specialty Plants
Story # 10, Part II

            Some people like big and showy.  That’s why Florist’s Gloxinia sell.  Some like small and cute.

            xSinvana ‘Heartland’s Maverick’ will grow and flower in a 3 ½” pot.  It is a mid-sized mini Sinningia with firm purple slipper shaped flowers.  It only gets one flower per leaf axil so it’s difficult to get more than 1 or 2 open at one time. 

            The solution is to pinch it to get multiple branches that can flower at the same time.  Or grow 2-3 plantlets per pot.

            The flowers can last many days so that may be good enough.

            An older plant with many branches will have multiple flowers, but if you never buy in the first place, you won’t get to see them.

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